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Fecha de publicaciónTítuloAutor(es)
2018Executive Functions and High Intellectual Capacity in School-Age: Completely Overlap?Montoya Arenas, David Andrés; Aguirre Acevedo, Daniel Camilo; Díaz Soto, Cecilia María; Pineda Salazar, David Antonio
2018Dimensionality and Determinants of Self-Reported Cognitive FailuresTirre, William
2018The Teaching of Psychology in Colombia: The Challenges for the Discipline and High QualityCornejo Ochoa, William
2018Prevalence and clinical characteristics of the restless legs syndrome (RLS) in patients diagnosed with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) in AntioquiaSierra Montoya, Ana Carolina; Mesa Restrepo, Sandra Catalina; Cuartas Arias, Jorge Mauricio; Cornejo Ochoa, William
2018Justice and immigration: The effect of moral exclusionPassini, Stefano; Villano, Paola
2018The recovery from alcohol consumption: analysis of the construct of relapseReyes-Huerta, Hugo E; Vacio, Ángeles; Pedroza, Francisco; Salazar, Martha; Martínez, Kalina
2018Challenging behavior, parental conflict and community violence in students with aggressive behaviorValdés Cuervo, Angel Alberto; Tánori Quintana, Jesús; Carlos Martínez, Ernesto Alonso; Wendlandt Amezaga, Teodoro Rafael
2018Personality and Creativity: A Study in Spanish-Speaking ChildrenKrumm, Gabriela; Lemos, Viviana; Richaud, María Cristina
2018Benefit finding and well-being in older adults: The utility of the general benefit finding scale.Cassidy, Tony; Doyle, Ingrid
2018Interplay between sensation seeking and risky alcohol drinking in Mexican adolescents: An structural modeling equation approach.Palacios, Jorge